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November 21LOOP, A single dramatization of a family coping with Alzheimer's disease

Breaking the Mask...

Are you hiding behind a mask based on fear of discovery? Every day you hide your deepest feelings from those around you. Your face and voice try to prevent the revelation that you are suffering from a mental illness.

 Slaying Dragons will help you break that mask. Our not-for-profit (501c3) organization’s mission is to destroy the stigma of mental illness. Topics addressed through the productions have included depression, PTSD, and Alzheimer's. These performances, augmented by discussion sessions with a mental health professional, have drawn upon a broad variety of source materials from the works of William Shakespeare to new original pieces such as "Voices of Depression" by Slaying Dragons Artistic Director Helene Meyer. 

We restore hope for tomorrow. How will we succeed? Our unique approach reaches all populations of religion, race, gender, age and ethnicity. We want to bring hope to as many people as we can and help them see the value of their lives.

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Our ongoing productions and events educate and assist those with mental health issues and increase awareness with the general public...

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Contact us for more information: Artistic Director​ Helene Meyer,, or (314) 596-1219

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