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a hatful of rain (2018)

Our September 2018 producdtion, A Hatful of Rain, dramatically portrayed the devastating effects of opioid addiction on all members of the Pope family. Set in New York City in the 1950’s, the playwright engages his audience in the emotional turmoil and practical fallout Johnny Pope’s addiction has on his wife, brother, and father as he struggles to hide his illness. The contrast of the vicious behavior against Johnny from the street drug pushers who strive to perpetuate his addiction creates an even greater dramatic effect on the audience. 

Voices of depression (2013)

Excerpts from "Voices of Depression, written by Slaying Dragons Artistic Director Helene Meyer.

“In 2007, I wrote a dramatic presentation based on a book I had written about my own experiences with the anguish and pain that depression and anxiety bring to those caught in the nightmare of the impact of these illnesses. It was my hope that this presentation would bring an emotional experience that would unite all of us in an awareness, an understanding, and a desire to find solutions that lift the stigma still associated with mental illness and help those who are suffering find the care they need. I called the presentation, VOICES OF DEPRESSION.“


– Helene Meyer, Artistic Director and Founder, Slaying Dragons

The cast of Voices of Depression, 2013.

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