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Dear Dragons Slayers,

Slaying Dragons, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, is entering its 10th year with tremendous challenges, exciting events, and the continued creation of hope! We  strive to meet our mission of destroying the stigma of mental and emotional illnesses through theater.

In our unique way, we help people find treatment to face a brighter future. We have presented productions about chronic depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and most recently opioid addiction. We hope Individuals, communities, and businesses will come together to join our fight. 


Please  select one of the categories below as a sponsor or contributor. Our website will soon announce our productions for next year, so please visit it and our Facebook page often.

Be a Dragon Slayer! 


Thank you,

Helene Meyer, Founder and Artistic Director

Slaying Dragons

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When you donate to Slaying Dragons at a level that fits your ability you can become a...

Grand Commander — $1000 or more.

Champion — $500 and above

Chevalier — starting at $250

Knight — starting at $100

Squire — starting at $50

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