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A Holiday Appeal from Slaying Dragons

Dear Dragons Slayers,

“Why with all the glitter and laughter of the holidays do I feel so sad?” This is a question asked by me and others many times over the years. Do you know how the holiday season affects people with clinical depression and other mental and emotional illnesses? Walk for a moment in their shoes and know how feelings of devastation and hopelessness increase at this time of year because they are so deeply withdrawn into themselves and away from the joy and excitement around them.

Slaying Dragons, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, is entering its eighth year with tremendous challenges, exciting events, and the continued creation of hope! We  strive to meet our mission of destroying the stigma of mental and emotional illnesses through theater.

In our unique way, we help people find treatment to face a brighter future. We have presented productions about chronic depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and most recently opioid addiction. We hope Individuals, communities, and businesses will come together to join our fight. 


Please  select one of the categories below as a sponsor or contributor. Our website will soon announce our productions for next year, so please visit it and our Facebook page often. And view this link to see the critical acclaim of our most recent production, A Hatful of Rain.

Be a Dragon Slayer! 


Thank you,



Helene Meyer, Founder and Artistic Director

Slaying Dragons

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Click here to download our 2018 development flyer and learn how you can support our work...

Click here to download our 2018 development flyer and learn how you can support our work...



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The cast of Voices of Depression, 2013.