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The COVID-19 has forced highly social populations to stay inside their homes and avoid gathering in crowded places. Feelings of isolation, fear, and hopelessness among people of all backgrounds have risen dramatically. We want all things to return as they were. but mental health crises are genies that cannot be put back into their bottles.

The pandemic of 2020 has thrown the curtains wide open on pre-existing and new mental illness problems. Keeping with its mission to destroy the stigma of mental illness through theater, Slaying Dragons wants to bring these crises into the spotlight. Since its inception in 2011, our NPO has presented performances concerning many mental health topics, including drug and alcohol addiction.

Live productions are a health risk. Slaying Dragons has found an alternative media through which to pursue its mission…FILM! While our videos will be theatrically entertaining, their primary purpose will be to educate people about mental illness. Our films can be downloaded and used virtually by venues such as schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and numerous mental health organizations. Psychiatrists and other mental healthcare professionals will use ZOOM-like methods to answer questions and make significant commentary.

Slaying Dragons, therefore, has embarked on an aggressive campaign to unveil how theatrical performance on film can help others in times of mental and emotional trauma. 


Extraordinary ideas are moving us toward our goals, but we cannot do it alone. You are vital to our success. We have begun work on our dramatic, educational film on the effects of PTSD and need your financial support to move forward by investing in the completion of this first exciting endeavor and all those to come.

Where can you donate? Just click on the following link: (

Our family of dragon slayers, both past and present, will continue to grow as we expand our objectives to defeat the tragedies that Covid-19 has brought to our communities. We can overcome these devastating effects by working together. Let us reach out to help those affected in our communities

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